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Glacier Peak Mining is a family-operated business owned by Joseph L. Dorris and is dedicated to mining and producing Colorado mineral specimens. Most of our production is from our amazonite claims in the Crystal Peak Mining District about 4 miles north of Florissant, Teller County, Colorado. We also produce fine topaz crystals from Topaz Mountain Gem Mine at the foot of Pilot Peak in the Tarryall Mountains about 8 miles north of Lake George, Park County, Colorado.

Glacier Peak has been producing fine mineral specimens and gem material for the public and the trade since 1985. We offer our production for sale through Pinnacle 5 Minerals L.L.C. and at several gem and mineral shows throughout the year.

We are predominantly mine producers from our own mines in the Crystal Peak District, the Mount Antero (Chalk Creek) District, and the Tarryall Mining District; however, we also operate for other mine owners. Currently we are producing the world's finest amazonite and smoky quartz combination specimens. In addition to these rare combination specimens, we also produce some fine single amazonites, smokies, fluorite, goethite, and some rare micro specimens. Although we cannot operate mechanized equipment on our claims on Mount Antero, we occassionally produce some fine specimens of aquamarine and phenakite from that locality. Finally, our mines in the Tarryall Mountains produce the finest U.S. topaz crystals and cutting rough. Most notably, we are producing some of the finest bi-color sherry and blue topaz every found.

Both sons, Scott and Tim, are avid and talented field collectors. Both are also very good at cleaning and repairing mineral specimens, making those we offer some of the finest available.

large plate Colorado mineral specimens in shop
A large amazonite and smoky quartz specimen Minerals for sale

A note about these web pages:. You will mostly find information about mining and some stories and photos of our mineral collecting expeditions. These pages are free for your use. You are welcome to use any information for non commercial use; however, please give credit to Joseph L. Dorris for any material used. No material my be used for profit without our express written permission.

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